About Us

Maadan chemicals is an Indian Company with a diverse product Portfolio. The Company based in Madurai, Tamil nadu along with associates. We are committed to serving of across most of the major business units and handle chemical raw material that contribute to improving quality of life and its partner’s performance in markets such as Consumer Goods, Agriculture, Leather, Food, Glass, Textile, Painting & Paints Chemicals, Metal and Pharmaceutical industries. In all products and service areas, MAADAN CHEMICALS is providing the highest quality standards. We have made it our number one priority to bring sustainability to the our business, focusing on best partner satisfaction where we can make a difference. As a provider of several chemical raw materials, we found that we are present in many aspect of life which allows us to be more responsible to the world and to embrace to our hearts that we are all in the together.

With sophisticated supply chain management we ensure supply security wherever our customers are in the country. Therefore, we are always the MAADAN CHEMICALS partner. Since the beginning of our business in 1990’s, we have been gaining valuable experience ingenuity in the chemicals industry.

Industries Services

Agriculture, Ceramic, Chemistry, Cosmetic,

Detergent, Grilling, Energy, Food, Fertilizer,

Galvano Technic, Glass, Heat Treatment,

Leather, Medicine, Metal, Metallurgy,

Paint, Pharma, Resin, Rubber, Textile,

Water Demineralisation.


  • Work Efficiently, Organized and planned
  • Be honest, transparent and principled
  • Be shareful and human oriented
  • Take honestly and trust in priority
  • Invest in research and development
  • Have organisationals



To serve quality and cost-effective solutions, We produce valid and operative solutions in any circumstances.


To be forecasting tomorrow’s target from today, making difference and adding value following reasonable and measurable realistic targets.